Trump's Military Parade

According to CNBC, Trump's military parade is now estimated to cost $92 million, far exceeding the initial $12 million estimate.

What can $92 million buy?

New elementary schools for more than 2,100 children.

Two 737 aircraft.

460 million (460,000,000) meals for children.  That would feed a nutritious meal once a day for a full year for 12,602,274 children.  Or three meals a day for over 4 million children for a year. For reference, there are 16.2 million American children struggling with hunger each year -- so this could provide almost every starving child in America with a lifeline.

It could pay the cash bonuses earned by the three top-paid CEOs in America with some left over.

It could hire 3,029 U.S. Army Infantrymen for a year.

It could hire 3,063 new teachers in Montana.

It could hire 1,940 police officers at the national average salary; it could hire 2,519 police officers at lower salaries, such as that paid by Athens, Georgia.

It could buy over 93 million pocket edition copies of the U.S. Constitution. Note that this copy has ALL of the amendments, not just the second.

It could fix the water crisis in Flint, MI (and still have $37 million left over).

It could install around 31 megawatts worth of solar panels (This would allow us to decommission one nuclear plant, and that's around 10% of the total power generated by coal in the United States).

It could double the largest research grant ever given to the University of Nebraska (for military research as well).

It could pay to settle three Trump University fraud cases (and still have $17 million left over to pay 131 porn stars $130,000 each in hush money).