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Trump's Military Parade

According to CNBC, Trump's military parade is now estimated to cost $92 million, far exceeding the initial $12 million estimate.

What can $92 million buy?

New elementary schools for more than 2,100 children.

Two 737 aircraft.

460 million (460,000,000) meals for children.  That would feed a nutritious meal once a day for a full year for 12,602,274 children.  Or three meals a day for over 4 million children for a year. For reference, there are 16.2 million American children struggling with hunger each year -- so this could provide almost every starving child in America with a lifeline.

It could pay the cash bonuses earned by the three top-paid CEOs in America with some left over.

It could hire 3,029 U.S. Army Infantrymen for a year.

It could hire 3,063 new teachers in Montana.

It could hire 1,940 police officers at the national average salary; it could hire 2,519 police officers at lower salaries, such as that paid by Athens, Georgia.

It could buy over 93 million pocket edition copies…